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Tailoring an ISR schedule to a
specific client is a time consuming and complex task...

Welcome to an easier way

LMI PolicyCoach

Commercial and corporate insurance is extremely complex, requiring expertise in a wide range of areas, ranging from law, accounting, construction and manufacturing, to insurance and risk management. You can spend a lifetime studying it and still not know it all.

The concept behind LMI PolicyCoach is to provide insurance advisers with a tool that gathers the correct information from the Insured via a needs analysis/risk profile, and tailors an individual policy to match the client's needs.

The Industrial Special Risks module has been developed, providing you the means to utilise the expertise of Australia's leading insurance experts in their field: Prof. Allan Manning, author of Understanding the ISR Policy; David Goodlad, author of the ISR Book; Robert Riddoch, Max Salveson and others.

Remember, it is not the size of the adviser that counts; it is their ability to provide the right advice. From the team that brought you LMI PolicyComparison, use LMI PolicyCoach to expand your knowledge!